Mike  has improved my offensive skills immensely. He breaks down hitting so  that I can understand it and apply it to my swing.  Just a few small  changes that Mike had me make has increased my performance and my  confidence at the plate. To date, I have hit 8 more home runs since  starting lessons with Mike. 

Kennedy L  UMBC






Time  spent with Mike has transformed my son from a player who tried to not  strike out to a player who is driving the ball to all fields.  The  confidence has jumped dramatically due to the fundamental understanding  of his swing and the reps spent triggering the muscle memory.  He is a  different hitter.

Jim Stuver  (Max Stuver McQ)







My  son Ryan has been taking hitting lessons with Mike now for the last 3  years.  Mike’s systematic approach to a proper baseball swing and  comfortable coaching style has helped my son immensely.   We are  extremely pleased with the Hebert Hitting program. 

Jeff Carragher






After  spending one off-season working with Mike on her hitting mechanics, my  daughter Morgan has a much improved ability to self-adjust throughout at  an at bat or game. Mike breaks down every aspect of the swing and  explains it in a way that is easily understood by the student. Her  knowledge of the art and her ability to convey that to others has  increased dramatically.

Ron Boyce  (Morgan Boyce Mansfield U)





"Coach  Hebert not only improved my swing dramatically, but has really taught  me how to be a successful hitter. I've learned how to identify and hit  pitches all around the strike zone, so I can drive the ball to any  field, with power. During my 2013 travel season, I hit five homeruns  facing college-bound pitching prospects, at showcase tournaments across  the Northeast. I have confidence at the plate because of everything I've  learned from Coach Hebert."

Delaney              Nazareth College






Abby  has been taken catching lessons from Mike and Alex for 3 years and   have taken her from a novice to an elite catcher.  Mike and Alex’s  attention to detail is unmatched by anyone else.  They continue to find  subtle changes that make incredible  improvements.  Abby plays well  above her grade level in school ball.  Hebert Hitting has been and  continues to be a huge part of Abby’s success.

Tom Suhr         Abby St. Bonaventure





I have been a student of Coach Hebert's  for three years on the defensive side of the game. I love the way he  teaches;  he's firm, fair and has high expectations - three things that  are essential for me in a coach.  Without the time I spent with him I  can honestly say I would not be as far into the college recruiting  process as I am today.

Thank you Coach Hebert

Halie M              Bucknell





Joshua began working with Mike several  years ago when he  first joined the Rattler program. At that time, he  lacked basic hitting skills and confidence at the plate. Mike has worked  with Joshua with a focus on core skill development  and  has helped him  become a much more consistent, stronger and more effective hitter.   Joshua looks to every at bat with confidence now!

Steve B




Throughout my four years of working with  Mike Hebert, he has changed my broken swing into a fluent and smooth  motion. Mike's niche is his thorough understanding of the "proper"  mechanics of driving the ball. He has helped me hit for a much better  average and with more strength allowing me to drive the ball with more  distance. The way he teaches allows me to improve my  weight transfer and mechanics right away with very little struggle.  Defensively, my footwork and pop time down to second base  have greatly  improved under his instruction. Hebert Hitting is the reason why I am  playing NCAA baseball. Thank you, Mike.

Joe Yacono  Covenant College




 "Coach Mike has become a mentor to three of  my four boys over the last several years.  Mike's devotion cultivated  six years of starting varsity seasons and three all-county selections   between the two eldest. Mike is a master at drilling your little slugger  on the fundamental mechanics of hitting.  Mike's distinctive ability to  recognize slight flaws in the progression of the swing mechanics, and  extraordinary knack to instantly provide a drill to rectify that flaw,  separates him from the middling hitting coach. Mike's unquestionably  most unique asset as a hitting instructor seems counter intuitive:  Mike  endeavors to make himself expendable and obsolete by imparting the  ability to self-diagnose, minimizing the need for additional lessons!   The level of development he provides makes him decisively  indispensable.........with the hitter humbly clamoring for more apple  pie."
Tim    (Keeler Thomas McQ)





We are really pleased with the progress  Amber has made since starting at Hebert Hitting.  Mike’s methodical,  detailed approach is exactly what she needed to understand the mechanics  of her swing and what she needs to do to be successful.  The specific  drills and instruction have helped her become a more consistent,  confident hitter.  

Sean C.





My son Andrew  has been working with  Mike for the past 3 years.  Andrew looks forward to each session with  “Coach Mike”.  Yes, there are other “hitting instructors” closer to our  home, but we feel Mike is worth the longer drive.   There is no doubt  that  Mike has a thorough understanding of the baseball swing.  He has  the ability to teach proper fundamentals in a meaningful way.  Mike has a  keen eye which enables him to quickly address even the most subtle  issues.  Mike’s instruction has resulted in outstanding game-day  results, and that translates to a happy kid who enjoys the game.

Tom B.