Study Your Swing Parts

  Girls - here is a video of all Div. I  girls.  Study the parts of the swing : stance, load, toe touch, heel  plant, connection, bat lag, contact, extension, finish 

Study Your Swing Parts

 Let's study Alexei Ramirez's swing parts.   Can you see all the parts of the swing?  Stance, Load, Toe Touch, Heel  Plant, Connection, Bat Lag, Contact, Extension and finish. 

Swing Plane

  Focuses on correcting swing Plane.   You will see Torque drill, Palm up Drill, and End Game drill.  

Compact Swing

 Video focuses on drills to help  hitters with a compact swing. Shows high tee, double tee drill, Muhl  tee and top hand only swings. 

Palm Up

  Palm Up video - Here is a discussion of why we study parts of the swing and how it leads to palm up drill 

Do the great hitters flip the shoelace?

 I created this video to show parents that I  am not making this stuff up.  Alternating black and white video with  color to show that this stuff is not NEW!!!   Here we show that powerful  hitters transfer weight - proven by the back foot turning or flipping  and a firm front side.Can you guess all the hitters? 

Plotted Swing Plane

  Here we are looking some hitters plotted  swing planes.  You can learn what a short quick swing plane looks like  when you plot many points together. 

End Game Drill

  In the End Game drill we are teaching the  forward swing backwards.  If the hitter can execute the proper parts of  the swing backwards, then he or she is very likely going to learn the  proper path forward.  We ultimately look to hit the ball with backspin  consistently. 

Crossover Drill

   In this Crossover drill hitters are asked  to cross over in front, then load and toe touch.  We are building  momentum and learning how to transfer weight under control.   And, most important we are teaching hands out in front at contact.

Drop Ball

   In Drop Ball coach drops ball when the toe  touches.  The idea here is to learn not to load after toe touch, then be  quick to the ball.  Obstacle is placed in low zone to force hitter to  get to the ball quicker. 

Knee Lift

    Hitters who practice the Knee Lift Drill  are learning to transfer weight and hit he ball Harder. If hitter falls  backwards then he or she did not transfer enough weight.  By keeping  front foot closed the hitter can finish - then return to proper starting  position with balance. 

Torque Drill

 Here is an advanced High School hitter  demonstrating Torque drill.  We usually do this with a close stride  angle, but here he is doing it with and open foot.  Notice short quick  but powerful swing. This is a swing plane and rotational drill also  focusing on keeping bat close to shoulder and not casting barrel too  early. 

Insider Bat

  Here are some kids using the Insider Bat at Hebert Hitting.  Helps hitters learn to keep hands inside and get hands out front.